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ATD Mediation and Arbitration, with five conveniently located conference centers throughout the tri-county area, succeeds by addressing and meeting the broad needs of our clients and the community. ATD's clients, which include local businesses, law firms, large corporations and insurers, families, municipalities, and other select customer groups, have come to expect the highly personal and professional manner ATD delivers.

ATD's mediators have been involved in over 10,000 mediations in the course of their diverse legal and business careers. We offer bilingual mediation and arbitration for Spanish speaking parties. Cindy Niad Hannah, President and CEO of ATD Mediation and Arbitration, has successfully mediated in excess of 6,500 State and Federal Court cases since becoming certified in 1993, and she has presided over dozens of arbitrations. She has also personally handpicked and provided one-on-one advanced mediation training to all the Certified Mediators on ATD's panel.

ATD has taken a unique approach to continuing mediator education. In addition to the continuing education requirements required by the Florida Supreme Court, ATD's mediators are required to regularly observe and co-mediate with one another. This enables them to get immediate critical peer feedback and affords them regular exposure to different mediation styles and techniques. As a result, ATD's mediators are proactive, knowledgeable, efficient, and are widely regarded in the local legal community as a group that consistently settles cases.

ATD's Scheduling Department also consistently comes up with high marks from our clients. Their goal is to make life as easy as possible for ATD's clients by staying on top of a case's status, with an always upbeat, friendly demeanor. We at ATD handle all the details from coordinating and noticing a matter for mediation, to preparing and mailing all necessary papers to the parties and the court. As an added service, we also provide reminders and confirmation, thereby allowing our clients' office staff to attend to more important matters.

But that is just half of the story for this community minded Mediation group. We also give much of our time and money to local education, social services and cultural activities, committing to make a difference in the lives of those who make South Florida home. We have a strong presence in the South Florida community. Part of our focus is to contribute our energy, time and resources to the well-being of this community and strengthen our ties and be supportive. We have made a difference and will continue to do so.

The economic benefit of mediation to the community is a given. Time and money otherwise spent fighting lawsuits can be used proactively to start new businesses, create products, and grow existing companies. New jobs and greater opportunity results. Ms. Hannah observes, "If we didn't have mediation, the civil system would grind to a halt because there are too many cases filed to be handled by the existing judges and resources." Moreover, as the Courts' civil dockets shrink, more of the resources in judicial budgets can be redirected away from the administration of civil disputes to the criminal courts. Safer and more prosperous communities emerge. By combining the benefits of its mediation services with its charitable and civic mindedness, ATD Mediation and Arbitration is passionate about its business...creating a win - win for individual litigants, lawyers, and the entire South Florida community.