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Daily Business Review's Best of 2013 Top 3 Mediators
Cindy Niad Hannah voted "Best of 2013" Individual Mediator

Daily Business Review's Best of 2012

Cindy Niad Hannah voted "Best of 2012" Individual Mediator

ATD Mediation voted "Best of 2012" Alternative Dispute Resolution Firm

"When I have a really tough case with an even tougher client there is only one mediator I like, Cindy Hannah."

Spencer Marc Aronfeld, Esquire


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Courtney B. Wilson - Littler Mendelson P.C

"As a labor & employment lawyer, I find Cindy's many years of experience in this area to be invaluable. In addition, as a former in-house counsel at one of Florida's largest financial institutions, Cindy immediately commands the respect and attention of my clients, who typically occupy similar positions within large organizations."



Maria E. Trenzado, Esq.- GEICO Direct

"As the Managing Attorney for GEICO's Staff Counsel Office and a Board Certified Trial Lawyer, we have utilized the mediation services of Ms. Hannah for quite a number of years. We have found her to have extraordinary skills in the resolution of all types of suits, from those involving soft tissue injuries to catastrophic injuries and death. Ms. Hannah offers litigants and attorneys with honest and accurate advice. Her knowledge and determination has resulted in a multitude of successful suit resolution for our clients. As such, we will continue to utilize her services in the future."



Jeffrey Maltzman, Esq.

"An outstanding mediator even for the most difficult cases. A no-nonsense approach to mediation that is uniquely effective."



Jason R. Margulies - Lipcon, Margulies & Alsina, P.A.

"Cindy is an exceptional mediator who surprises me again and again by getting my most difficult cases settled with her unique ability to be both aggressive and understanding. She consistently has a great insight into the issues."



David J. Horr, Esq.- Horr, Novak & Skipp, P.A.

"Cindy is 'pleasantly persistent', connects well with the lay Plaintiff and experienced adjuster alike, and has proven to be a very effective mediator on each case we've had!"



Chris Lanza, Esq.

"I have been using Cindy as a mediator for many years.  She is extremely energetic and experienced making a genuine effort to get cases resolved. While I often feel that other mediators are just looking to get the mediation done as quickly as possible, I know that when Cindy is the mediator on my case, the case has a much better chance of being settled then and there."



Alan L. Landsberg, Esq. - Keller Landsberg PA
Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer & Certified Circuit Civil Mediator

"I recently had a mediation with retired Judge Robert Rosenberg in a legal malpractice matter. This was one of his first mediations. Prior to the mediation, he thoroughly reviewed the summaries and asked pointed questions of both sides aiding the settlement process. Our case did not resolve initially at the mediation. However, Judge Rosenberg persevered calling all involved attorneys and through his actions, the case resolved shortly thereafter. If anyone is looking for a mediator that is not looking at the clock and merely carrying numbers back and forth, Judge Rosenberg is the mediator for you."