Terms and Conditions.

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Terms and Conditions

All parties acknowledge the mediation/arbitration conference and all communication between the parties, their counsel and mediator/arbitrator prior to or after the conference is a privileged proceeding involving confidential communications as set forth in Chapter 44, Florida Statutes. It is further acknowledged that the mediator/arbitrator is neutral and may not provide legal service, representation or legal advice to participants of the mediation/arbitration conference.

For each case scheduled for mediation/arbitration, $75.00 per party shall be added to the mediator/arbitrator’s time as an administrative set-up fee. This fee is to defray costs of scheduling, the confirmation process, conference room space where applicable, and the paperwork/court filings undertaken. The minimum charge for a mediation/arbitration conference is two (2) hours or the time reserved by the parties. In the event of cancellation less than three (3) business days before the conference, the hourly rate charged by the mediator on the notice, (mediator rates vary) for the minimum amount of time on the notice plus our customary administration fee of $75.00 per party for coordinating the mediation, e-filing the notice and providing follow up reminders will be charged.. Mediation/arbitration rates range from $375.00 to $550.00 per hour depending on the complexity of the matter and the number of parties involved.

It is our company policy that with any mediation/arbitration reserved over four consecutive hours, a non-refundable $750.00 deposit is required from each party. This is to guarantee the day and it is to be sent to us within three (3) business days from the date the Mediation/Arbitration Notice is filed with the Court.

In the event a dispute arises between the parties or over the Mediator/Arbitrator’s fee, requiring the mediator/arbitrator to file Court papers or attend a Court Proceeding, mediator/arbitrator shall be entitled to recover from the parties, and their counsel and law firm, jointly and severally

Unless counsel arranges with the undersigned for his/her client to pre-pay their entire portion of the mediation/arbitration fee, counsel and law firm acts as the disclosed principal for purposes of the mediator/arbitrator’s fees herein and counsel and law firm and the parties agree that their appearance at the mediation/arbitration conference shall make them jointly and severally responsible for their respective share of the mediator/arbitrator’s fee. Interest at the rate of 12% per annum will be charged on this invoice after it is ten (10) days past due and over.

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